Have Love Weddings


Our goal is to create a beautiful and inspiring experience based upon the wishes of the couple being married. Kiko and Chad have a background in philosophy, literature, world religion and oration which allows them to create a sincere and inspirational moment that you and your guests will remember whenever you look back on your special day. Our belief here at Have Love is that anyone who is making a lifelong commitment to another person deserves a beautiful ceremony to recognize their devotion to that life and that love.

Officiant Values and Expectations

  1. First and foremost your officiant is here for you, to listen, to respond, to guide you through your ceremonial options.
  2. Initial meeting with the Bride and Groom, to learn their individual desires for their ceremony and to gain understanding of the mood of their ceremony and their union.
  3. Individual attention spent on your ceremony to incorporate officiant’s suggested readings as well as preferred readings and activities as specified by the Bride and Groom.
  4. Wedding Vows and Ring Ceremony written specifically for or with each Bride and Groom
  5. As needed phone meetings and e-mails to ensure your ceremony is perfect…communication is key and your officiant will always respond to you the same day.
  6. Up to 1 hour rehearsal – appointment must be made in advance
  7. Officiant will arrive 1 hour before ceremony and liaison with other vendors to ensure that your ceremony is to your specifications
  8. Officiant will sign and mail all legal documents and leave your copy with person designated to receive them.
  9. You will receive an elegant and tasteful keepsake of your ceremony to peruse in the many years to come.

Mission & Values