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About Us

Kiko currently resides in the Baltimore metro area with his wife and son, Chad lives on the other side of Frederick, MD with his wife and daughter. We have been best friends for 20 years, and we have found this endeavor to be a great place to showcase our passions and talents in life. Andrew has joined us recently, and we feel lucky to have his personality and experience on our side, he has been a great addition and our brides love him! Look for an updated picture after 7/11!

We welcome you all to the Have Love Experience! 

Our goal is to build a connection with our brides and grooms in order to create a traditional, beautiful and inspiring boutique ceremony based upon the personal wishes of the couple being married. We have backgrounds in philosophy, literature, world religion and oration that allow us to create a sincere and inspirational moment that you and your guests will remember whenever you look back on your special day
….please feel free to read our reviews!

We are not non-denominational, we are not religious at all; we are Humanists. We are of the opinion that there should be more choices than a religious ceremony or a courthouse ceremony. We are not anti-religion, but there are plenty of people who perform religious services. Our niche is creating beautiful and inspirational ceremonies that encapsulate everything that you would get from a religious ceremony, while using literary readings and formatting that we have created or found to ensure that your ceremony has the traditional feel that is lost in “civil” ceremonies.

Our belief is that anyone who is making a lifelong commitment to another person deserves a beautiful and personal ceremony to recognize their devotion to that life and that love. We are all human, with various traditions and beliefs, but marriage and commitment should supercede any of those things...marriage is cultural and communal, and is one of the most beautiful expressions of the human experience.

So what do we offer? Something different, something unique. Because of this we only perform 20-25 ceremonies per year, and we prefer an initial 5 minute phone conversation, as opposed to emails (which we will still respond to) whenever possible, just to go over your needs and wants, and to make sure that we are the right fit for what you are trying to share with your guests.

We look forward to speaking with you soon, and we wish you all the best luck for a fantastic wedding
and the brightest future thereafter!
Kiko, Chad, and Andy

P.S. – If you want to know how we chose our name, check out the song posted by hovering over Gallery and then clicking Multimedia